Human Fly

With Human Fly Joseph Kadow and Malina Heinemann zap through transiences of time, space, and agency during performances of the DISAPPEARING BERLIN 2021 program. The overseeing drone-eye and cursory phone cameras open multiple gates into ephemeral, one-of-a-time moments. Blurriness in a filmstill transports movement beyond the potential of a photograph; somewhat resting at the threshold of the captured frame. Such recordings obscure rather than retain fleeting happenings and impermanent architectures. These post-momentum glimpses grant access into a future retrospect where rehearsals, backstage rituals, performance, atmosphere and interaction between performers and audience buzz around as electro-magnetic lightwaves: zipped up in a short clip that lingers in-between now and after.

The title is inspired by The Cramps

DISAPPEARING BERLIN, Mäusebunker, 15 August 2021 

Human Fly, Vol 1


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