TV Bar Garden Party by TV Bar / Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff
Gardens of Kronprinzenpalais & Schinkel Pavillon
Entrance through Niederlagstrasse 22, 10117 Berlin

With performances by
Karl Holmqvist
Lily McMenamy
Dan Bodan
A reading by Calla Henkel
& DJ set by Eric D. Clark

With an appearance by Times bar

For the 2021 kick-off, DISAPPEARING BERLIN invites Schinkel Pavillon’s long-standing collaborators, artists Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff to take over the gardens of Kronprinzenpalais with their latest project TV Bar. During the pandemic TV Bar, like many others, was closed for months, and now, even though it’s re-opened, TV Bar is unable to host performances or pack bodies into their space – so, on Sunday, DISAPPEARING BERLIN has invited TV Bar into the garden, where it celebrates the release of Calla Henkel’s novel Other People’s Clothes by inviting the same performers that make blurry cameos in the 00’s thriller.

With its hybrid structure as bar, project and performance space, Max Pitegoff and Calla Henkel have been questioning the hunger and expectation for an ever-evolving quantity of new and alternative spaces in the city, and therewith extend their longstanding investigation into the production of socio-cultural spaces. TV Bar understands itself as a stage in continuous metamorphosis; DISAPPEARING BERLIN too grasps the whole city, its iconic architectures as well as its rapidly changing and disappearing spaces, as a stage to be temporarily transformed by performative and sonic experiences.

  I took a picture. Bella, bella, bella Marie, bleib’ mir treu. Blood was spurting from the pads of Otto’s fingers. The greasy-haired girl continued contorting. When Otto lifted his hands from the piano, the keys were covered in blood. The room erupted in a thunder-drunk applause followed by demands for an encore. With a T-shirt I quickly wiped up as much as I could. And like a dog swimming in a stream, Otto began to bang his bloody paws on the piano, starting the song over again, and the girl returned to her perverted gestures and cawing.

DISAPPEARING BERLIN is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Hopscotch Books will be on-site with copies of Other People’s Clothes.


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